Portland Hotels

Interiors verses Inhabitants

Hotel lobbies and reception areas are transitional spaces.  A few people work there, occasionally people wait there, but predominately they are used as a means to get from place to place.  They are a room or series of rooms that are necessary to get a person from the outside to their temporary living space.

These spaces are particularly designed for the targeted cliental.  Each lobby needs to be distinct and reflect the feeling the hotel is trying to convey, whether that is luxury, homey, classic elegance or trendy.   Some are meant to impress and make people feel like VIPs.  Others try to make the guest feel at home and comfortable.  The particular hotel branding is reflected in everything placed in the transition spaces.

This project wishes to capture the feeling of the hotel and how it is used by clients.   The interiors are shown as they are meant to be experienced.  The people moving through these spaces are purposefully shown blurry and in motion to accentuate their movement and transition.